I am a qualified pilates instructor. I am extremely passionate about how effective Pilates is for ANY and EVERY body. It is seriously the best thing that has happened to me and i am trying to preach it to everyone! I understand that Pilates is the new "IT" thing and it's quiet expensive.... well, your in luck! I am running group Pilates classes on my deck/in my lounge room (so it's cheaper for both you and I) where we will target all major muscle groups; abs, legs, arms, back and mind. Slowing it down with some breathing techniques to slowly introduce you to the thought of meditating. Meditating is something that is a lifesaver (in my eyes) after dealing with depression and anxiety.

So, if this sounds like something that would interest you please contact me for more details on group fitness class times. Alternatively, if you wish to do private lessons please feel free to contact me.

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