Body, Mind and Soul Awakening

My name is Natalie Wagner and I am the creator of my business Body Mind and Soul Awakening. When I decided to launch into this new space of being an entrepreneur, I was so excited to be finally doing something I was passionate about. I had been in depression for over 3years living a life that wasn’t bringing me the happiness I thought it would. I had a fairly typical life living in a beautiful suburb, lots of friends, doing a job I was good at… yet the truth was I was the most unhappy I had ever been. When I decided to take a chance on following my heart on this entirely new path I was afraid because I had never attempted to do anything like this before. Although there was a voice of fear in me that was freaking out and thinking I may just be crazy, at that point I also knew I had nothing more to lose and it was time to take a chance on me.

That was kind of the blessing of going to the depths of depression because in spite of having ‘everything’, you feel like you have nothing. No self esteem. No confidence. No energy. No control. When your are at the very rock bottom of your experience something eventually happens, a dynamic shift into a new perspective. I began to understand that in feeling empty I really did have nothing to lose and that was a feeling I could use to my advantage. Although I didn't know it at the time, that is what I was searching for, to chance to start again and be free to choose what was really in my heart. I needed everything in my life to unravel so I could free myself of everything that was holding me back and discover my real truth. The stripping away of toxicity in my life may have left me bare, raw and vulnerable but that made me the perfect blank canvas. From this space I could start to see and remember who I really was. The experience brought me back to life in so many way and I could feel my true potential coming forward.

This was a huge epiphany for me to understand that this painful situation was  my soul bringing me into into alignment with my true self. I see that in this way, the challenges on my path are my greatest gift (though while you are experiencing them it doesn't feel that way at all ). Often the first instinct is to run away and hide, hoping it will go away. The best choice is to face it and transform it into magic. With every ending brings a new powerful beginning and so we have nothing to fear when walking away from what isn't working. It opens the door to find a better way and transforms to become wiser, stronger and more potent beings. It bring us back to our hearts and that is an incredible place to be. Each experience that brings you face to face with your fears, is an opportunity to reclaim your power and reveal the truth of just how incredible you are.


I have come to see that it is my lack of  trust and the resistance to this process is what creates most of the pain. So with all this awareness and understanding of how it all works, you may be thinking I am now fearlessly living in full trust and flow with my heart, ha ha ha I wish. I am still challenged by the process every time but I am getting better at it, for sure. When I get an intuitive feeling, I am quicker to listen and trust it. I don't allow fear to stop me from taking leaps of faith and when I have the opportunity to follow my heart, I go for it and I know the universe ultimately has my back!


Natalie Wagner