BiPolar & The Corporate World

BiPolar & The Corporate World- you CAN have a fantastic career & live with mental illness !!

This is an issue that needs to be talked about more. Small business, medium business, large corporations, whatever business structure and size you are, it's time for me to say that IT IS OKAY to employ people with mental illness. People just like myself are functioning and can be a fantastic asset of your business. To anyone who thinks a person with bipolar, anxiety, depression, psychotic mental illness and so on can't do their job because they have mental health issues, then you need to fucking wake up and realise that if you don't know of someone with mental illness then wow you must live under a rock because 1 in 4 people suffer mental illness ! 

Stop the stigma and offer to help even if its just listening because those who suffer mental health illness need your understanding and support. 

Take it from me who studied at Uni, has great experience in the corporate world and has an amazing career, I can fully function at work and suffer Schizoaffective bipolar type disorder ! 

So give someone a chance and please don't judge based on someone's mental health because if you judge YOU are part of the problem !!!

Take care of you and let's do this!


The BiPolar Queen xxx