Nearly 3 years ago to the day....

Nearly 3 years ago to the day, my body had reached its breaking point. I put it through hell for over 10 years, that on top of a bad breakup and leaving the safety of my job of 10 years to start my own business, I had finally tipped over the edge and I suffered my very first panic attack. That was the day that I'd convinced myself I was going to die. It was also the day that I become the person I am today, I had finally come to terms that I was one of the people lucky enough to be blessed with anxiety.

For weeks after that day I ran and hid every time I had an attack until one day I finally stopped fighting and let anxiety take full control and let it do it's job. All I kept saying was 'do your best'. From that day I fought the demons within. I see that as a blessing, and so should so many people. I once was told anxiety is just the body telling you something isn't right and that couldn't be more the truth. You really have to break down who you are to fight the beast. I think once you experience anxiety you will never not feel it again you just have to train yourself to analyse your emotions and only then will you control it.

You are not alone on this journey there are millions just like you all you have to do is speak up and you will set off on your road to recovery.

Written and Published by Justin Keighran