Bipolar & can be a colourful scene....

So I'm that type of girl who dated a stripper, not 2 but 3 divorcees, a guy named Rusty and a younger guy. Yep I laugh hard now thats all in the past but seriously wtf was I thinking at the time....hahahaha !! Now I've also had a long term relationship and boy that did not end well. I blamed myself for ages coz I felt sooo guilty how I treated him in the end. I've worked through that but I won't lie that relationship partially destroyed me for a while there.... Soul destroying relationships whether they be ones you get heartbroken or ones where you're scared for your own life......Take it from me they are traumatic and need to be talked about not fucking bottled up and stored away.....These traumatic past relationships can lead to horror in the future so please take it from me, talk about it, scream, cry, swear, but do not fucking bottle it up and think that it's all part of life and 'you'll get over it'. Coz dear people you will not just get it over it, it can take years and years to work through. Surround yourself with positive people and loved up supportive people who you can freely talk to. It is healthy to be angry, upset, sad from relationship fuck ups but do not go willy nilly getting with this that and the other thinking you'll be fine, coz you need to be on your own figuring who you are and why this shitty part of life happened. Shit happens to everyone, just be there for people and if shit is hitting the fan then don't be upset or worried if the pro's needa get on board to help coz sometimes you break down and that means you've had enough of everyone's shit and it's about time to focus in you and you only.

Whether you see it now or in the future, every relationship happens for a reason, don't regret it just learn from it.

I'm happily loved up but I've also been through hell to get here.

Spread love not hate.

Cheers pretty people,

The BiPolar Queen xox