Listen to your body

That ache.
This pain.
Those symptoms of “I don’t know what’s the matter with me, something isn’t right”.

Throughout my studying and reading I have seen many examples of negative thoughts and feelings manifesting into physical ailments.

Not to mention through my own experiences.

Think about it, when you feel like everything has got on top of you because you have so much to do, or you are feeling sad, or you are feeling worried, you soon start to develop headaches, tiredness, colds and tummy trouble.

And even further than this, when people suppress, ignore or can’t get out of their negative emotions, this can build up into something much more serious and sometimes even chronic.

Let me tell you about my mum and the experience she had. I love my mum with all my heart. She is the most caring, selfless, funny and ballsy individual I know, and I will always look up to her. She deals with pretty much everything with an awesome attitude and always, always puts others before herself.

We are a close family and I am still fortunate enough to have my nanny and granddad with us (my mum’s mum and dad). My mum has looked after them in their old age, dealing with my granddad being an alcoholic and looking after nanny throughout the onset of dementia.

In October my mum started to have pins and needles occasionally in her legs, she would be standing washing up and would all of a sudden feel her legs go weak. Her knees and hips felt what she could only describe as fuzzy. This went on for a couple of months every now and again but as it got more and more regular we tried a few different things, visited the doctors, but nothing seemed to work.

Now my mum is a tough cookie, she doesn’t get ill; she looks after the rest of us. As it approached Christmas, it started to get worse.

Enter Boxing Day.

Mum didn’t get out of bed. The alien feeling in her legs and abdomen was so great she physically could not get up. So we called a paramedic and after a few tests and a lot of head scratching an ambulance was called.

I went with my mum to A&E, it was scary, and we should have been at home enjoying our Boxing Day lunch. What was wrong? After a short wait and more tests (and a few tears whilst hidden in the toilet), a lovely young doctor came to see us.

He took hold of my mums hand and asked her if she had been feeling anxious or worried. She replied yes. Although she hadn’t realised it until that moment, she had been dealing with more and more tough situations, and the worry and pressure of looking after nanny and granddad had built and built.

But we hadn’t thought to ask her that. She had something physically wrong with her, didn’t she?

The doctor kept hold of my mums hand and explained that there was nothing physically wrong, all of her tests had come back clear. He gently told her that she needed to go home and be with her family. Rest and enjoy her day. Be happy. It was the anxiety that had built up.

So that’s what we did. From that day on we took special care of mum, helped her out, made plans to get official care for nanny and help with granddad. Had some fun days out, made her laugh, helped release some of that worry.

And she was fine! She was absolutely fine!

I wanted to tell you this story, and I asked mum if I could, to try to stress to you the importance of not letting your negative thoughts and feelings build up. Don’t ignore them. And listen to your body.

Maybe if we had listened to mums body sooner she wouldn’t have had that horrible experience.

Of course seek professional medical advice if you are not well, but ultimately recognise the power of your thoughts.

Now that we have experienced it and recognised it we make a special effort to keep an eye on ourselves and each other to make sure we never get that far down the line again.

Keep an eye on yourself. Note your mind set. Listen to your body. Make changes. Make plans. 


Love From Positive Polly,