"What's wrong with your arms?"

A 5 yo girl comes up to me and asks, "What's wrong with your arms?" My answer? "I used to be sick, but I'm ok now"..  I love the innocence and honesty of children. I love it because most of the time adults are thinking the same thing but rather than asking they making assumptions and judgements. Rather than staring I'd much rather that you ask "what's wrong with your arm's". I'd rather you ask what's wrong with my arms because it shows courage. It shows you are willing to have that awkward conversation. 

And I'd tell you a bit about my journey. About Eating Disorders and Self harm. About Anxiety and Depression. About torture and hell. And about hope and healing. I'd have that awkward conversation with you because i am not ashamed. I am proud of my journey and the scars on my body are a reminder of how far I come. 

Ps. It's probably not wise to ask "what's wrong with your arm's"... a better, more supportive way to talk to someone with scars might sound like "I can see you have scars. Would you tbe willing to tell me your story?" Or something along those lines... not everyone will be willing or able, but maybe some will be and it sure as hell is better than staring


Hope you are well