Chapter 1.


I remember getting up late in the morning putting my shoes on and going for a 'very light' jog to relinquish the previous days stresses. I ran 5km then couldn't walk properly for a good week, fast forward the clock 7 months to today and I'm running multi marathon stages races and booking in 100km races in the middle of Australia in some of the toughest conditions and terrain. 

My names Aaron Royall I'm 23 and I aim to raise as much money and awareness around mental health as possible. 

I guess this all started with one friend who suffered severe depression and anxiety. I saw first hand the effect it can have on friends, family and loved ones, I felt helpless. It then occurred to me that maybe my own headspace wasn't in the best place itself, that's when I started to run. I contacted a coach and told him I plan on running 18 marathons in 8 months (my longest run at that date was 8km). When he agreed to take me on I committed myself fully to the program, I didn't want to let him down but most importantly I didn't want to let myself down. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I saved enough money, quit my full time job and became totally accountable for running these distances. From that point on I stopped thinking long term and started focusing on short term, training session by training session I guess I had tunnel vision,  before I knew it I was pushing the back doors open of my car and lacing up my shoes for my first marathon at South West Rocks NSW. I never thought that this would blossom into something it has, but it did and these are the things that continually inspire me to keep going. I'm 7 marathons down and have met some truly inspiring people who have changed my thought process entirely in a good way I now get up in the morning embracing my next challenge. 

I've never been much of a 'mantra' kinda person but since being on the road I've lived by "the only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves." Simply because I never thought I could run a marathon, then I did. I never thought I could run an ultra marathon, then I did. I always had doubts hovering over me, not just in running but in everyday life.  The quicker I got rid of these limitations the easier it was for me to see. 

I have some big things coming around the corner with my own limitations non existent.

To be continued...

Written by Aaron Royall