That Night...


I wasn't going to upload this picture because of the shitty quality but every time I look at this picture I am reminded of that night...

This was taken not long after I had finished my free psychology sessions. The night before this photo was taken I took my first baby step out of my comfort zone...(to the coast to meet my work bestie and her 13 friends). Once I had overcome two of my fears (leaving my room & meeting new people) I knew that I had confidence in myself to overcome other fears, like dancing by myself in public... which is exactly what this photo is. (OK, maybe this photo doesn't give my dancing abilities any justice because I look like awkward as just standing there). I completely stepped out of my comfort zone here... I walked up to this busker in Byron Bay and demanded he started singing so I could dance.. OK, so if you have never been to Byron Bay before you can be yourself, wear whatever you want, style your hair (or not) the way you want it and no-one will judge you... So this was a safe place for me to escape another fear, but you know what... it didn't matter where I did it or how.. dancing by myself in public and facing another fear has given me more confidence to know that I can face my fears whenever and where ever they appear.  

Chat soon,

Love Whit