The Perfect Role Model.


When I had hit absolute rock bottom I decided to disconnect from social media for a few weeks. I actually didn’t realize how unhealthy my “obsession” on social media was. The digital detox is exactly what I needed to stay focused on myself and I guess in a way helping me find myself again.   

One of the main things I guess I learnt while being disconnected with depression was how unsafe it was for my mental health. I would torture myself everyday comparing myself to these fake realities being published all over social media. We are supposed to consider these social media influencers as role models, but really they aren’t, they are just an easy (and sometimes cheap) way of advertising a product.  I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t get sucked into their “tactics” because I did and still sometimes do.

Then there are the “role models” with these huge fake tits that always post photos on social media showcasing their only assets not wearing a bra. Well, wasn’t I impressed when they didn’t warn the rest of us lemmings (and their avid followers) of the orang-utan titties that come with owning a set if you don’t wear a bra! I know this now, but like I keep saying not every body is the same… so I don’t know why I thought I would have the same looking tits as old love on social media. This was never going to happen because we have different body shapes and I have a huge scar down my chest from open-heart surgery. So wasn’t I disappointed when I sat there comparing myself to her? Her's were so nice and perky perfectly sitting in the middle of her chest... Then there's mine, sitting a kilometer apart from each other... looking nothing like her's! 

So as you can imagine going from being flat chested to a D cup overnight was amazing, I had boobs and I had no idea how to look after them. I still (to this day) wear my surgery bra because it is so comfy, obviously it was only meant to be a temporary thing until the scars healed and I could wear underwire… but I didn’t know what to do with boobs. Because of this they started to drop quicker (a lot quicker than they were suppose to) because “the pocket” in which the implant sat grew larger, to the point of whenever I lay down I am flat chested again... With 2 lumps that sit snug under my armpits. Obviously no one made me get them, but my choice of getting them done was influenced by social media, a cheating boyfriend and the fact that I was extremely confused and insecure about myself. Without researching anything but when I could get them done ASAP, I am now stuck with a set of saggy orang-utan titties that I hate. And you know what, I would rather be flat chested…I regret getting them done to this day for numerous reasons.

Anyway this story brings me back to my point of these “role models”… Using my story here, so I am not aiming this at anyone or saying this is true for everyone who has had work done … please don’t get offended!! Why are these girls your role models? How are you meant to be happy within yourself if you are constantly comparing your natural beauty to these role models, who are obviously not confident enough within themselves if they are changing their body to be “happy”. Why should we be letting these social media influencers be considered role models?

Be your own role model.