Depression is a fucken asshole,

you will be cruising along loving life (like me in the picture 😎) and it will pop up out of nowhere 🙋🏽 and ruin your day. Like my day yesterday... 😑 

I know that this blog is resonating with people and encouraging people to open up. I know this because I have had an overwhelming amount of private messages coming through my email, Facebook messages and DM on Instagram encouraging and supporting me. 

So why the hell do I feel like shit?

Firstly, yesterday I didn't follow my morning ritual and practise yoga and secondly because I started to doubt this blog... am I embarrassing myself by putting myself out there? What do people think of me? Is this a waste of time? Why am I putting myself through this...

And then 💌 I am reminded why I am doing this. Easier said than done, but never doubt doing what you love. I love writing and unfortunately (or fortunately) for you I am not good at writing novels like Harry Potter so I will just express those "awkward conversations" I have running through my head. 


Chat soon