Excerpt from my book: "I don't know what I'm worth anymore. You know there's some things I can control and there's some things I can't. And it's the unknown of the things I can't control that I'm letting control me. I want to let it happen the way it's supposed to but I'm so confused as to why some things aren't happening"

As you can see my thoughts were all kinds of crazy fucked up!! And it's true.. The more you think about it the bigger it gets. A few years ago I would have told someone to fuck off if they gave me advice like; practise yoga and meditation, practise breathing techniques, talk about my feelings or what's running through my head, go for a run/walk to clear my head. The reality was the further I ran the bigger my problem was becoming. It was fucked to say the least. 

Without giving to much away in my book I am proud to say that I overthink on rare occasions..mainly that time of the month over petty and stupid shit. But then I think back to when I wouldn't eat because I was overthinking too much, or my skin was disgusting because I was overthinking too much and yep, it was all over the same petty and stupid shit! ✨ 

Chat soon xx