Hey, I’m Whitney!



After being diagnosed with depression & anxiety, I found it extremely hard to sit in front of a counselor and tell her how or why I felt the way I did, instead I wrote to her. The more I wrote the more I freed myself from my thoughts.

Writing was my therapy. After my free therapy sessions had ended with the counselor I felt there were still issues I needed to deal with, so I continued on writing my story to her.

That Awkward Conversation is a novel I created to normalise anxiety and depression. It is not your “normal” book, it’s more like a conversation between the reader and Jemima (the main character). Jemima talks to you (the reader) about her experiences with anxiety and depression. She has no filter and speaks from her heart. Nothing is out of bounds. She talks about the things that made her who she is today; dating douchebags, a miscarriage, a terminated pregnancy, domestic violence, dating in the digital age, insecurities and a whole lot of other shit that most people experience these days.

That Awkward Conversation was created because talking/writing about my experiences with depression and anxiety was the one thing that saved my life.

It’s about breaking the stigma and changing the way we approach mental health.