Hi, I am Whitney

I am not a psychologist or dating expert (although I have dated quite a few douchebags so I probably could qualify)

I have no filter.

I wear my heart on my sleeve (I even have a tiny love heart on my left wrist to prove it) 

I love to write.

I love coffee.

I love Yoga & Pilates.

I am Whitney.


After being diagnosed with depression & anxiety, I found it extremely hard to sit in front of a counselor and tell her how or why I felt the way I did, instead I wrote to her. The more I wrote the more I freed myself from my thoughts. Writing was my therapy. After my free therapy sessions had ended with the counselor I felt there were still issues I needed to deal with, so I continued on writing my story to her. Over 40,000 words later I created a novel, a novel that I will share with the world when I am ready. Until then, I will share with you those awkward conversations I have with myself through my blog posts.